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OCT Consulting delivers in-depth analyses, strategic guidance, and skilled implementation focused on client success. The experience and expertise of our consultants is vital to ensuring outstanding results and delivering high value to our clients. OCT's consultants provide a comprehensive array of capabilities and service offerings in support of Acquisition & Procurement, Information Technology, Financial Management, Program Management, and Management Consulting. Clients trust OCT Consulting to apply our expertise in the practice areas listed below to deliver high value results. 

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OCT has mature capabilities to support our clients in the area of federal acquisition and procurement. Our acquisition capabilities range from working with program offices to support development and management of requirements and supporting the development of high-quality procurement request (PR) packages. OCT provides 1102 resources with significant experience supporting the Federal Government in the acquisition and procurement process. The graphic below represents an overview of OCT's capability across all phases of the acquisition lifecycle, which can be tailored to each client's specific requirement. 

Information Tech
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OCT provides support to our clients to leverage new technologies to enable digital transformation and improvement. OCT consultants apply a full range of IT capabilities to create holistic solutions for our clients, enabling them to change the way they operate their business, meet their missions, and address emerging threats.

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OCT Financial Management Icon
  • Enterprise Architecture Design

  • IT Modernization

  • Cyber Security

  • RMF Compliance and Assessments​​

  • Business Intelligence and Data Analytics

  • IT Infrastructure Support

  • Application Development (DevSecOps)

  • Cloud Computing Strategy & Services

Fin. Management

OCT provides a full range of financial support services to our federal government clients through the entire lifecycle and supports efficient management of investment portfolios and projects. Our financial management services include PPBE, CPIC, earned value management, internal controls management and financial improvement.

  • Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC)

  • Cost/Benefit Analysis

  • Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution Process (PPBE)

  • Internal Controls & Financial Improvement

  • Financial Management Systems Support

  • Internal Controls & Financial Improvement

Progam Man.
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OCT has experience supporting our clients with program management support, tools and techniques to meet program requirements. Our set of mature project management capabilities help our clients successfully manage costs, schedules, and risks on complex projects across the entire project lifecycle. OCT’s project managers are skilled in leveraging different tool sets to help our clients manage and optimize project delivery and execution.

  • Program and Project Management

  • Risk Management and Mitigation

  • Process and Procedure Development

  • Performance Management

  • Training and Outreach

  • Quality Assurance and Control

  • Root Cause Analysis

  • Lessons Learned Reporting

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Man. Consult

OCT has expertise in business transformation to achieve lasting results and outcomes. Our management consulting services consist of a broad portfolio of complementary capabilities that allow our consultants to develop strategy, drive business transformation and change to achieve extraordinary results for their clients.

  • Strategic Planning and Development

  • Process Improvement (Business Process Reengineering and Lean Six Sigma)

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Design

  • Facilitation and Stakeholder Management

  • Diversity and Inclusion

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